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With so many choices, it can be a daunting task to choose the right window coverings for your home. Well the good news is we are here to help. That’s why we are the experts when it come to the right solution for you. To get you started, consider the following:

inspiration and advice for right window coverings

Energy Efficiency

Since as much as 20% of your homes inside air is lost through your windows, having energy efficient window coverings can make a big difference to your electricity bill. Whether it is hot or cold outside the right window coverings can prevent the loss of inside air to the outside. This means lower energy bills and a more comfortable environment inside.

Which window coverings help insulate the best?

Cellular Pleated Blinds

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are the most popular shades to help insulate homes. They come in a large range of colours in both light filtering and blockout. They feature a cell like structure that traps pockets of air preventing the transfer of hot or cold air into the room.



Curtains are a great choice for insulating your home. Choose a full cover curtain and add a lining to give the best insulation.

plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a great choice for insulating your home. They can be made from timber or PVC Polymer and surround your window with a thick insulating layer when closed

blockout roman and roller shades

Blockout Roman and Roller Shades

Blockout Roman and Roller Shades are a decorative option for insulating your home and are a favourite in creating the designer look and come in a wide range of fabric to match any décor.


Is protecting your privacy at home your biggest concern when choosing the right window covering? Most Blinds, Curtains and Shutters offer privacy when closed but we offer many options that enhance privacy also. 

privacy venetians


Our Delight system on our Timber Venetians have no holes and also our cloth ladder tapes will cover the hole punches on the slats. This option preserves privacy and adds a touch of colour to the product.

The slats on blinds can be tilted on an angle that will provide privacy but will also filter light into a room.  

privacy curtains


Curtains offer a great way to increase privacy. As side panels they add a luxurious style and cover light gaps. As full panels they add another layer to increase privacy.

privacy topdown

Top Down - Bottom Up

The popular top down bottom up operating system available on our pleated and duo pleated range allow you to maintain privacy below while filtering light in from above. This means you still get to enjoy your view while keeping other people from seeing inside your home. 

Here are some products to avoid if privacy is a priority:


Is preserving your view an important consideration when choosing your new window coverings? If so, we have some suggestions:

screen roller blinds

Screen Rollers

This product is great for rooms with a view that also get a lot of direct sunlight. When closed screen rollers greatly diminish the glare in the room but provide enough transparency for you to see out. When raised they will virtually disappear from your line of view. A point to remember that these Screen Rollers do not give you privacy at night.

cellular and pleated blinds

Cellular & Pleated Blinds

A great choice because of their versatility and also because they are a very compact product when raised. Choose a top down – bottom up system to allow you to control the view you want along with the privacy you need. The Day/Night system offers a sheer fabric for viewing and privacy during the day. A block out fabric when raised will give you room darkening and full privacy.

vertical and louvre system

Vertical Louvre / Venetian System

The blades on these systems can be rotated to give you total viewing control while shading out the sun. When closed they will provide complete privacy. These products do have a stack when fully raised or open which is something to consider for your viewing.

plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters

The blades on this system can be rotated to give you total viewing control while shading out the sun also. When closed they will provide complete privacy. The options of larger blades will open up your windows to provide greater viewing.

Light Control

An important function of your custom window coverings is the way light comes into your rooms. If your most important consideration for your window coverings is light control here are some options to think about:

Defuse or block out the sunlight? It's all about fabric choice.

light sheer curtains

Sheer Curtains

Clear View & Daytime Privacy

Simply awesome at allowing sun rays into your home at a reduced intensity. They also give you a clear view to look through and privacy during the day.

light screen


Block Harmful UV Rays

Screen fabrics act like sheers in terms of providing you with a clear view to the outside and letting natural light in your home. They will cut the UV rays and prevent the fading of your furniture and flooring.

light translucent

Privacy & Natural Light

Clear View & Daytime Privacy

Also called light filtering, this type of fabric brings the best of both worlds. Translucent fabrics will give you privacy and let some natural light into the room.

light blockout

Block Out

100% Privacy

If you are looking to block nearly all natural light from entering a room and have 100% privacy a block out fabric will do the trick magnificently.

light day - night

Day / Night System

Full Control

This product offers maximum light control by using two separate fabrics to provide a day/night level of convenience, providing limitless options for privacy and light control. Available in Day/Night Duo Pleat and Pleated system or Dual Roller Shades.

light topdowm

Top Down - Bottom Up

Privacy & Light

With innovations like the top down – bottom up system you can maintain your privacy and still enjoy the natural light.

Defuse or block out the sunlight? It's all about fabric choice.

deflect or reflect sunlight

Deflect or Redirect Sunlight

Choose from our range on Slat and Louvred products to deflect and redirect the sunlight to exactly where you want it.

Need a Little Expert Advice?

Our Professional Style Consultants in Maitland and Newcastle will show you the latest styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories in window coverings, to help create a look that’s perfect for your home. It’s easy!