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Motorised Awnings

In the ever-evolving world of home automation, motorisation has emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled convenience and luxury. This technological revolution extends its reach to the exterior of our homes, notably with motorised awnings. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and welcome the seamless integration of technology into your outdoor living spaces.

Effortless Operation

Motorised awnings epitomise the pinnacle of convenience. With a simple touch of a button or a remote control, you can effortlessly extend or retract your awning. This eliminates the need for manual cranks or pulleys, providing a hassle-free experience every time.

Precision Control

Enjoy precision in controlling the extension or retraction of your awning. Motorisation allows you to stop the movement at your preferred position, providing flexibility in managing shade levels and adapting to changing sunlight throughout the day.

Enhanced Safety Features

Motorised awnings often come equipped with advanced safety features. Sensors can detect strong winds and automatically retract the awning to prevent potential damage. This not only safeguards your investment but also ensures the safety of your outdoor space.

Enhanced Safety Features

Motorised awnings often come equipped with advanced safety features. Sensors can detect strong winds and automatically retract the awning to prevent potential damage. This not only safeguards your investment but also ensures the safety of your outdoor space.

Integrate with Smart Home Systems

Elevate your outdoor experience by seamlessly integrating motorised awnings with your smart home system. Connect them to voice-activated assistants or schedule their movements through a dedicated app. This level of integration allows you to control your awnings effortlessly, even when you’re not at home.

Energy Efficiency

Motorised awnings contribute to energy efficiency in your home. By strategically extending the awning during peak sunlight hours, you can reduce the heat entering your living spaces. This, in turn, lowers the demand on your cooling systems, leading to potential energy savings.

Motorisation Awnings

Extend Lifespan of Awnings

The controlled and precise movement facilitated by motorisation can contribute to extending the lifespan of your awnings. Avoiding abrupt movements or incorrect manual adjustments helps prevent wear and tear, ensuring your awnings remain in optimal condition for years.

Tailored Solutions for Various Spaces:

Motorised awnings offer tailored solutions for different outdoor spaces. Whether you have a patio, deck, or terrace, motorisation provides a versatile and customisable shading solution. Choose from various designs, fabrics, and sizes to suit the specific needs of each area.

Enhanced Outdoor Living Experience:

Embrace a new level of outdoor living with motorised awnings. Effortless control allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions on the fly, creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space for relaxation, entertainment, or dining.

Motorised awnings redefine the concept of convenience by providing effortless operation through a wireless remote control. This innovative feature empowers you with full control, enabling you to open or retract the awning from virtually anywhere within its range. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and welcome the seamless integration of technology, allowing you to enhance your outdoor space with the touch of a button. The wireless remote control ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of your awning with unparalleled ease and convenience, contributing to a more enjoyable and adaptable outdoor living experience.Top of Form

Features and Benefits of Motorised Awnings

Awnings offer a versatile solution, allowing you to temporarily shield areas from the sun without the commitment or cost of a permanent structure. The marriage of sleek and attractive designs with the ability to effortlessly expand or retract at the touch of a button ensures that awnings become an integral part of your outdoor living experience.

Styles of Awnings

  • Folding Arm Awning
  • Semi-Cassette Awning
  • Full-Cassette Awning

Endless Fabric Options

Awnings come in a myriad of fabrics, allowing you to prioritise features such as weatherproofing, UV-resistance, strength, durability, and aesthetics. Customisation options ensure your awning seamlessly integrates with your outdoor space.

Enhanced Outdoor Experience

Extend the utility of your outdoor space into the evenings by incorporating lighting and heating features. Controlled with a remote, these additions create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lighting can also be integrated into gardens or paths, enhancing the versatility of your outdoor area.

Custom Awnings

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your awning at the touch of a button. Whether using a wall-mounted unit, remote control, or smartphone app, the ease of operation enhances your overall outdoor experience.

Make the most of automated sun protection with a sun sensor. The awning can automatically extend when the sun is out, ensuring continuous comfort without manual adjustments

Prioritise safety with wind sensor compatibility. If the wind picks up, the awning can retract automatically, safeguarding both the fabric and the structure.

The motorised system includes a ‘so close’ function, delicately releasing the fabric when closing. This feature extends the life of the fabric inside the cassette.

Operate your awning through various means, including the Smoove wall-mounted unit, remote control, or the Connexoon Window RTS App. The app allows seamless control through your smartphone, providing convenience at your fingertips.

Invest in awnings that not only provide practical sun protection but also elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space. With the ability to control and customise your awning based on your preferences, enjoy a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and comfort in your outdoor living area.

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