Sheerline Blinds

Seriously Stylish & Sleek Design

Sheerline Blinds are a unique roller system that features a distinctive fabric made up of alternating horizontal sheer and block out or translucent vanes.

Sliding the block out or translucent vanes past one another allow you to choose the perfect balance of privacy and light at any time of the day. Sheerline fabrics are made of 100% polyester and are easy to clean. The Sheerline colour palette is available in a range of neutral tones to suit a wide range of decors.

Features & Benefits

  • Large range of colours and styles

  • Ultra-sonically cut and sealed edges- eliminates fraying on edges and joins

  • Motorised Option Available. No cords makes them great for child safety 

  • Australian Made

  • Easy to clean​

  • ​5 year warranty

Find The Perfect Look for your Sheerline Blinds

Unique Light Control & Privacy System

sheerline blinds


Slide the vanes past one another to let in light.

sheerline blinds


Align the vanes for privacy.


How much light control or privacy do you need?

sheerline blinds


Allows soft filtered light and daytime privacy.

sheerline blinds


Blocks light and creates maximum privacy. Perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.

Motorisation & Automation Available

Bring your home to life with our range of motorised solutions for your window coverings. Add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any home.

Our range of motorisation solutions are suitable for a new build or renovation and can also be fitted to most existing windows. Our intelligent, quiet motors and electric controls can be adjusted via discreet wall mounted units, remote controls, voice control or direct from your smartphone.

Need a little expert advice?

Our Professional Style Consultants in Maitland and Newcastle will show you the latest styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories in window coverings, to help create a look that’s perfect for your home. It’s easy!

Alternative Products

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Need a little expert advice?

Let us come to you. Our Professional Style Consultants will show you the latest styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories in window coverings, to help create a look that perfect for your home. All in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy!.