Custom Studio Curtains

A luxurious tone & effortless style

Curtains and Drapes in Greater Newcastle

Custom Studio Curtains by Blinds Nice are such a big part in the look and feel of your room – so it’s vital to get them right.

Whether you want to finish off your room, or are looking to kick off your interior transformation, you’ll find great choice and inspiration at Blinds Nice.

Curtains are an exciting fashion product with solutions for every style. Choose fabric patterns that fit your tastes, from sleek and modern, to formal and traditional. Custom Studio Curtains and Drapes in Newcastle by Blinds Nice are the perfect way to complete your home.

Features & Benefits

  • Stylish range of fabrics

  • Excellent light control and privacy

  • Reduction in outside noise levels

  • Great insulation all year round, saving 
    energy and money

  • Gives a visual effect to the height of a room

  • Add value to your home

  • Australian Made

Find The Perfect Look For Your Curtains




Plains and textured fabrics tend to feature one main colour. They also have the advantage of enhancing other features of the room rather than taking the focus away from them.

curtain prints


Available in a multitude of colourways and designs, featuring anything from stripes of colour or simple geometric shapes to decorative animal prints.

sheer curtains


A translucent fabric, often with a soft sheen. If used alone as a window dressing, sheers are usually a decorative option as they do not ensure privacy when a room is lit from the inside.

Finishing Touches

We have plenty of ideas to help you personalise your custom studio curtains. Our Style Consultant will show you in detail all the options. Here’s an overview:


pinch pleat curtains

Pinch Pleat (Double & Triple)

Inverted curtains

Inverted Box Pleat

knife curtains

Knife Pleat

s fold curtains


goblet curtains


eyelet curtains


curtains - rods


A feature in their own right – rods, poles and finials can really add to the overall look and style of your curtains. For the ultimate in luxury, motorise your curtain tracks.

curtain tie backs


Tie-backs usually match your curtain fabric. Hold backs
co-ordinate with your poles.


curtain pelmet


A stylish finish to any curtain. Standard pelmets are padded however bonded pelmets are also available.

Borders & Trims

Customise your curtains with a range of borders and trims.



Finish your room’s transformation with cushions from Blinds Nice. Made to co-ordinate or contrast with your curtains.



Blinds Nice provides a wide range of quality bedding options – bedheads, bedspreads, quilt covers, throw rugs & bed valances.

Motorisation & Automation Available

Bring your home to life with our range of motorised solutions for your window coverings. Add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any home.

Our range of motorisation solutions are suitable for a new build or renovation and can also be fitted to most existing windows. Our intelligent, quiet motors and electric controls can be adjusted via discreet wall mounted units, remote controls, voice control or direct from your smartphone.

Need a little expert advice?

Our Professional Style Consultants in Maitland and Newcastle will show you the latest styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories in window coverings, to help create a look that’s perfect for your home. It’s easy!

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Need a little expert advice?

Let us come to you. Our Professional Style Consultants will show you the latest styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories in window coverings, to help create a look that perfect for your home. All in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy!.