Straight Drop Awnings

A Style For Any Home

Straight Drop Awnings in Great Newcastle

Blinds Nice Straight Drop Awnings in Greater Newcastle provide both privacy and sun protection and add a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to your home where space is at a premium.

There are a selection of straight drop outdoor awnings for your home in our collection to suit your individual requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy efficient savings

  • Insulation qualities

  • Privacy control

  • Internal controls

  • Airflow control

  • Made in Australia

  • 5 year warranty

Find The Perfect Look


At Blinds Nice all our awnings are custom made to order, to fit every window, taste and style. Your Style Consultant will to help you decide which awning will be the best solution for your windows. Choose from 4 styles:

straight drop verandah awnings


Ideal for enclosing your verandah for protection from the sun or for privacy. Using a traditional and very simple operation method, pulleys and ropes are used to raise and lower the blind. Verandah awnings are the simple and functional additional to any verandah.

straight drop awnings


Spring Straight Drop Awnings have a spring loaded top roller to tension fabric and uses straps to hold down in place. Geared Straight Drop Awnings is easily operated using a crank handle to raise and lower the product.

straight drop wire guide awnings


Wire guide awnings add a little bit of luxury. These stylish awnings operate on guide wires which are tensioned and permanently fixed. With the ability to be stopped at any level down the guides, the wire guide awning lends itself particularly well to motorisation.

straight drop awnings


Side Channels that are especially designed with indents so the awning can easily be pulled down and locked into position.Suitable for enclosing a verandah or between posts in a patio to shade and shelter the outdoor living area.The side channel eliminates light gaps at the sides and has a very quiet spring operation.

Motorisation & Automation Available

Bring your home to life with our range of motorised solutions for your window coverings. Our range of motorisation solutions are suitable for a new build or renovation and can also be fitted to most existing windows. Our intelligent, quiet motors and electric controls can be adjusted via discreet wall mounted units, remote controls, voice control or direct from your smartphone. Your awnings will adjust automatically to weather conditions thanks to the sun and wind sensors. When the sun starts to beat down, the awning extends. When the wind starts blowing, it retracts automatically.

Need a little expert advice?

Our Professional Style Consultants in Maitland and Newcastle will show you the latest styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories in window coverings, to help create a look that’s perfect for your home. It’s easy!

Alternative Products

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Need a little expert advice?

Let us come to you. Our Professional Style Consultants will show you the latest styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories in window coverings, to help create a look that perfect for your home. All in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy!.