Tips on inexpensive and practical ways of upgrading your windows this year.

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to home upgrade and improvement. If your windows are in need of an upgrade, then consider including them in your next home improvement project. A simple enhancement of your curtain installations will definitely create a big impact on the look and feel of your living space.

Why homeowners should give attention to their windows

Windows facilitate the entry of light to the home and provide ventilation to any space. Aside from their functionality, however, they also play aesthetic roles in every home.

Windows allow homeowners and guests to enjoy the scenic views around their property. More importantly, windows can set the stage for creating a certain mood and ambience for the home.

If you want to achieve your design goals for your living space, consider an upgrade of your current curtain installations. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles, materials, and designs that you can choose to transform the entire look of your home. Our team at Blinds Nice can help narrow down your options based on your visions, lifestyle, and budget.

Why homeowners should give attention to their windows

Why upgrade your window curtain installations?

Before you take a look at some of the popular and trending curtain installations, it’s important to understand why you would even need an upgrade. Upgrading your window treatments can be one of the most rewarding home improvement projects that you can do. Here are some of the reasons for updating soon:

2023 popular and trending curtain installations
  • It doesn’t cost much to change curtain installations.

Changing and renovating a room can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. If you are on a tight budget, installing new window treatments can make a big difference in the look of a room – all with just a fraction of the cost.

  • Window installations can dramatically change the ambience of your home.

If you want to tone down the mood of a room, one of the easy ways to do that is by changing the colours of your curtains. You can also use layers of curtains or change the texture of the fabrics that you’re using. To infuse some drama, you can install a floor-to-ceiling type of window treatment.

  • Consider an upgrade if you want to lower your energy costs.

Quality window treatments will help you save on electricity during summer by controlling the amount of heat that enters through the glass panes. On the other hand, window treatments can also keep the room warm during winter by preventing heat from escaping.

2023 popular and trending curtain installations

Now that you are aware of some of the reasons to consider updating your curtain installations, here are the popular and trending window treatments in 2023:

Use of natural fibres

Today, curtains and window blinds are made of environment-friendly materials and are common in Australian homes. This trend is expected to stay. Due to the increasing popularity of sustainable materials, using natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo, silk, linen, and hemp is likely to remain for a while.

Motorised systems

In a world where convenience and functionality are becoming more critical for consumers, it is not surprising to know that many Australian homes are choosing to install motorised systems, automatic curtains, and automated roller blinds.

Automated coverings allow you to keep the sunlight out or let the sun warm up your space with just the click of a remote-control button.

Bold patterns and vibrant colours

While minimalism and neutral window treatments would not go out of style, many interiors are now shifting to patterns and colours in their curtains and window treatments. Both homeowners and designers are now embracing colours and patterns in all forms. Also, bold hues such as fuchsia and neon have now replaced ivory, cream, and beige.

Trimmings and tassels

If you are not into stripes and orange or pink shades for your curtains, trimmings, tapes, and tassels will add appeal to your curtains and window coverings.

Layered window treatments

Layering is the way to go if you want to add texture and depth to your space but are afraid to go bold with your colour choices. For instance, you can install sheer curtains with heavy drapes to add interest and dimension to your windows. Layering with a sheer curtain can create an impression of spaciousness in your living room.

Blackout curtains

It’s not just in the hotels where blackout curtains are becoming a trend. Even in residential houses, these curtains are becoming a must-have for many modern homes. Blackout curtains have the ability to create a safe space inside the house by blocking out the rest of the world. You can easily sleep at any time of the day and give your room total privacy since these curtains are made with thick and dense material.

Use of different textures

Today is the best time to experiment with curtains by combining several fabric textures on your home. You can combine cotton and organza and velvet and tulle without having to fear that you are overdoing it.

You don’t need to install the same curtains in all of the rooms of the house. In choosing window installations, consider how they will meet your needs as well as their functions in the specific area of the home. For instance, blackout curtains are best in the bedrooms, while layered window treatments are great in the living room.

Blinds Nice can help you with your curtain upgrade

Want to know more about curtain installations? Blinds Nice can help you with your curtain upgrade.

The new trends in window treatments can be a great motivation to pursue your home improvement project. If you already know which curtains to install based on the top trends this year, contact us! Our experts can help custom-make your window coverings to meet your specific needs.

Blinds Nice has always been known for our exceptional customer service and quality products. We install not just traditional curtains but also blinds, shutters, and awnings, depending on what you need.

Let us help you with your curtain installation upgrade. Our free in-home consultation will help you decide what to install in your windows. Feel free to contact us at 02 4932 9666 or send an email at